Got a big presentation? Need samples? Want custom colors?
Have contract code requirements? Whatever is on your drawing board,
when it comes to the tools of the trade, Schumacher is a designer's
best resource. How can we help you make the magic? Let us count the ways...

No time? No problem. If you can’t make it to the showroom,
reach out to your Account Executive or Showroom Sales
Rep with the details of your project and then take a deep
breath. With a library of more than 8,000 SKUs at their
fingertips, the Schumacher sales team is prepared to shop
our portfolio, make suggestions and ship memos — even
overnight. Your rep is your partner and personal concierge,
with a complete set of keys to our comprehensive product
lines and services. Think of us as your one-stop shop.

We take ASAP seriously. Call the Schumacher
showroom before 4 PM today and you can have samples
in your office tomorrow. Place your product order
by 1 PM EST and if the item is in stock, we’ll see that
it goes out that very day. Missed the cut-off? Your
in-stock order will go out first thing the next business
day. Relax—you can rely on us to expedite CFAs, too.

You're on the go and so are we. Our mobile app
makes it unbelievably easy to search for products, shop
our collections and order memos in a snap from your
iPhone or iPad. Wherever you are, user-friendly search
and filter options bring whatever you need directly
to your fingertips. Use your iPhone to scan memo
barcodes for full product info and place orders.
Download the app and take Schumacher wherever you go!

Need special treatment? If your project demands durability
and performance, we're all over it. Your rep can tell you how
to extend the life of Schumacher fabrics and wallcoverings
with one of the many water and stain protectants that we
offer, including Nanotex and Pro Seal Water Barrier finishes.
If green is your goal, ask about lab-certified, earth-friendly
Greenshield. Pricing is variable, so talk to your rep.
Whatever you choose, we’ll handle it—from start to finish.
No headaches for you, no holdups for your clients. All
special finishes require one additional yard of fabric and
an extra 7 to 14 days' lead time. Samples can be made
for a nominal charge plus the cost of one yard of fabric.

Commercial fire codes? Schumacher to the rescue!
Provide your rep with your project's code requirements
and step aside. We can finish upholstery and drapery
fabrics with flame retardants to meet even the strictest
standards—plus we’ll issue all necessary certificates so
that you have the documentation you need. Yes, it's that
simple. As with all special services, please order one
additional yard of fabric and allow an extra 7 to 14 days. For a
sample, there's a small fee plus the cost of one yard of fabric.

We’ve got your back. If your workroom recommends
backing for one of our fabrics, we can take care of
that, too. It’s easy, and less expensive than you think.
Your rep can explain the different methods we
can use to improve a fabric’s stability and strength:

  • Knit: Some delicate, lightweight or loosely

    woven textiles aren’t ideal for upholstery on their
    own, but don’t let that stop you. A layer of knitted
    backing bonded to a fabric will add the dimension
    and body it needs—without changing its look or hand.

  • Acrylic: A spray-on treatment that adds flexibility
    but prevents curling and fraying, this is yet
    another way we can prepare fabrics for light
    upholstery and wall applications.
  • Paper: Our fabrics can also be paper-backed
    for wall applications. Note that all paper-backed
    fabrics require a stain-resistant finish, which is
    included in the pricing. Wall upholstery made easy!

For all treatments, your rep will ask you to add an
additional yard of fabric to your order. Allow an extra
7 to 14 days' lead time. Need a sample? For a small
fee plus the cost of one yard of fabric, you can see how
the treated product will look. There’s no need to
source an additional vendor, generate an extra PO, or
track another work order. Skip those steps and
potential snags. Your rep will manage all the details.

What’s ours can be yours. Whether it’s a specific color
you’ve got in mind or a different ground cloth you need,
consult your rep about our custom capabilities. For
a minimum order, Schumacher fabrics, wallcoverings and
trims can be customized to suit your project perfectly.

We understand that contract means business.
Does your project involve complicated codes, special
finishes or extra-large quantities? A particularly tight
budget or a super-firm deadline? We’re with you.
Schumacher has a specialized team wholly devoted to
contract orders. Best of all, we can save you time and
money by drop-shipping orders directly from our mills.
Our products have graced the Waldorf Astoria and the
White House. We’ve outfitted hospitality developments,
corporate offices and institutional facilities around the
world, plus a fleetof luxury boats and private aircrafts.

You’ll be floored. Our sister brand Patterson Flynn Martin
is a leading source for high-end custom and readymade
carpets and rugs. Your Schumacher rep can direct you to a
PFM point person who will provide you with the same level of
dedicated customer service and an entrée into the world of
luxury floorcoverings. Together, we make a great team!

Need instant gratification? We get it. When your deadline is
looming or you just have to have furniture N-O-W, come see
us. All the pieces in our showrooms can be purchased right
off the floor. And don’t forget about our Antiques Program!
Shop for one-of-a kind items—handpicked in Europe by
Schumacher’s Creative Team—at our New York, Atlanta and
Los Angeles flagships, or browse the full inventory online.

Think of us as your reliable friend and inspiring soulmate. We understand your
needs and can offer expert advice. Turn to us to spark your creativity, jump start a
project or solve a problem. Behind every great designer, there's Schumacher.

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